What to Know about Easy Bruising during Old Age

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Have you seen those ugly impressions of blood on your elderly ones’ body and worried about that? This condition is common in old age and is termed as bruising. Though this condition is prevalent and may occur anytime in the body of the seniors, remember that it might recollect episodes of falling, tripping, or bumping. Only if your loved ones have gone through this condition, you know how slowly and gradually these bruises tend to blacken and turn out to be more prominent without any early signs or symptoms. Depending on the body state, these bruises tend to develop and reduce, taking a long time to heal and disappear.

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Causes of Bruises

The actual reason for the formation of the bruises is due to the breakage of capillaries. This happens when there is a force of a blow or an injury. As an output or result, the leakage of blood is experienced, heading to the presence of blue and black marks or bruises on the skin. Talking about how these impressions disappear, it is when the body reabsorbs this blood subsequently. There could be various reasons for the formation of bruises, some of them are as follows:

Side Effects of Medications

Entering into old age is a hard time especially when you are relying on medication every now and then. Sometimes the bruising is happened because of the medications your seniors might be taking. For instance, medications like blood thinners are a prominent cause of bleeding and bruising in elders. Other drugs like herbal medicines, corticosteroids, and antidepressants can also dilute the blood vessels and thus cause inflammation.

Substance Abuse and Liver Disorders

Many people are addicted to alcohol from their teenage times, such people when entering into old age, there are chances of catching liver disorders. Abuse of substances like alcohol can flame the possibility of liver disorders like cirrhosis. The improvement of such diseases ends the creation of proteins in the body that are responsible for acting as an aid in blood clotting. Consequently, making the patient witness heavy bleeding and excessive bruising.

Genetic Bleeding Problems

Another factor that could be involved in your bruising problem is the connection of genes. There are numerous genetic diseases that exist as Von Willebrand disease and bleeding disorders like Haemophilia that play an eminent role in slowing down the clotting of blood or hinder the process and leading it all to severe bruising.

Deficiency of Vitamins

It is normal to face the deficiency of vitamins or any other important nutrients while turning old. As a result, your body slows down the healing process and causes bleeding and bruising. The deficiency of Vitamin D in seniors diminishes the assimilation of calcium in the body and therefore makes the bones crumbly and forms muscular weakness.