Meet the Staff

DSC_8677Owner, Kelly Kinkel 

Kelly is a registered nurse, having spent most of her career in pediatrics and maternity prior to her career at Rosewood Villa, beginning in 2002. Kelly’s favorite part about working with Rosewood Villa residents is learning about people, their life, history, and passions.

“People light up when they talk about their past. It’s always interesting and heartwarming to hear about their journey, the people that have been in it, and what they are doing today”. The dedicated staff that love their jobs is what Kelly attributes to the exceptional environment at Rosewood Villa. Kelly enjoys photography, photo-book making, and spending time with her husband Phil and five children, David, Matt, Sarah, Jordyn, and Eli.

Dad RW-2Owner, Phil Kinkel

Phil began his career as an aircraft mechanic with United Airlines and enjoyed it for 16 years, the majority spent in Portland, Oregon, working with some of the best guys in the business. In 2002, he and Kelly partnered with Kristine and Arlyn to purchase Rosewood Villa. Over the years, Phil has come to appreciate and enjoy all the wonderful personalities that make up the Rosewood Villa community and feels privileged to work with such a dedicated staff whose combined talents and caring personalities truly make Rosewood Villa a wonderful place.

Outside of Rosewood Villa, Phil enjoys family outings, out of town trips with Kelly, all things aviation related, and tinkering on old cars. His favorite Rosewood event is the annual “Rumble at the Villa” classic car show, which is supported by local Bellingham car clubs and vendors, and is always a big hit with the residents. “I love to listen to our residents reminisce about owning or driving some of these beautiful old classics.”

DSC_8211Owner, Arlyn Livingston 

Aryln began his career in Assisted Living in 1992 as an administrator of a local nursing home in the Bellingham community, eventually becoming a partner in the parent company that owned and operated several nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Washington and Idaho.

“Seeing the world through their eyes” said Arlyn, discussing his favorite part of working with assisted living residents.”Look at how the world has changed over the last 70 to 80 years. They have seen things and done things that we will never be a part of and it is interesting to experience that in some capacity. I also genuinely like having the opportunity to make a difference to someone when they need help. Rosewood Villa is different then the other facilities because of the owners that work in that facility and the attitude toward service that they bring to their residents. Over the course of the last few years, every assisted living facility in Bellingham has been gobbled up by a bigger and bigger company. Some facilities have been purchased multiple times over the last few years. Rosewood Villa stands alone as the only locally owned and operated assisted living facility in Bellingham making us unique in the industry.”

When Aryln is not working at Rosewood Villa, he is thinking about Rosewood Villa and the residents, seeking continuous improvement growth. “The most important things in life are family and hard work”.

DSC_8200Owner, Kristine Livingston

Kristine came to Rosewood after teaching in the primary grades for 17 years. Before Rosewood, Kristine spent a decade teaching at a private school in the Skagit Valley where she started a Kinder-School program which included four, five, and six year olds. She misses the students along with the friends she made with many wonderful parents along the way!

Kristine recalls when she arrived at Rosewood Villa ten years ago, there were fewer differences between working with young children and the residents than she realized, especially when it came to their love of games, like BINGO!

A variety of projects can easily consume Kristine on any given day, though spending time with her family is what she enjoys most. Kristine feels extremely blessed to work with Kelly and Phil. Kristine speaks truth when she says, never has she worked for someone with such integrity, sincerity, and professionalism as Kelly.  Kelly is her mentor, long-time best friend and sister!


DSC_8209Dietary Manager, Tamie Compton 

Tamie’s culinary background lies in the restaurant business, before taking her grandmother’s place at Everson Senior Center. Tami’s experience at the senior center has lead her to Rosewood Villa, where’s she has been for the past three years, doing what she loves; enjoying friendly smiles in the dining room and learning everyone’s story.

“Rosewood Villa is truly like a family member’s home. It’s like walking into grandma’s or your uncle’s house, but here there are lots of grandmas, uncles, grandpas, dads, and friends”.

Outside of the Rosewood Villa kitchen, Tamie loves a good yard sale, spending time with her husband and great niece and nephew, cooking for her family, and is looking forward to welcoming her first granddaughter this spring.

DSC_8206Resident Service Director, Lynette Leiske

Having worked in the assisted living industry since 1992 in caregiving and nursing throughout Oregon and Washington, Lynette’s extensive background in the industry is a great asset to the Rosewood Villa community. For Lynette, Rosewood Villa’s distinguished reputation comes from being privately owned by “people who genuinely love people” and feel like “family”.

Outside of Rosewood Villa, you can find Lynette hiking with her children and grandchildren, camping, scrapbooking, bowling, and snowmobiling. She hopes to soon add swing dancing to the list!

DSC_8196Maintenance Director, Scott Greene

Scott brings a diverse background and set of skills that contribute to his position as maintenance director at Rosewood Villa, having been in banking for seven years locally, and spent seven years in plumbing in Seattle.

Scott enjoys the beautiful “great outdoors” of the Northwest, and frequently takes advantage of the Bellingham trail system.