Senior Home Care Bellingham WA for Parents With Different Needs

Senior Home Care for Parents in Bellingham, WA

When your aging parents can no longer take care of themselves or each other, it can be a troubling situation. The parents who were once fit and who took care of you when you were young is incapable of caring for themselves, and it can be a tough pill to swallow. It can also be a difficult circumstance for your aging parents, and they may not be willing to admit that they need help. As they have lived independently, the better parts of their lives and have supported one another over the decade. It can be overwhelming and discouraging when you find that both the parents have different care needs. And when your parents have spent decades together, separating them is not the deal decision. The best option is to look up a Senior Home Care Bellingham WA, where they can safely age in place together.

Senior Care Bellingham WA can help both parents- For couples who have spent decades together, separating them suddenly to address their individual care requirements may not be the best idea. This sudden separation can be emotionally distressing and can lead to an increased feeling of depression and anxiety. So, let’s look more into how it can provide care for both parents.

Companion Caregiving- Companion caregiving includes assisting your parents with essential tasks that they may have trouble completing on their own. These tasks include housekeeping, running errands, meal preparation, medication management, and more. Companion caregiving is ideal for those seniors who can safely care for their spouses, but they no longer have time or energy to devote to themselves or for their individual daily activities.

Personal Caregiving- A personal caregiver, also known as a private caregiver, provides all the services of a companion caregiver. Their services also include assistance with dressing, hygiene, bathing, toileting, and medication reminder. If your aging parent wants to continue living together at home but one needs more help with their daily activities, whether it is bathing or using the washroom, as compared to their spouse, personal care may be the best option.

Some Signs That Indicates That They Need Assistance

Unsteady and Falling- Amongst older seniors, falls are the leading cause of trauma-related hospital admission. So, if either of your parents has balancing or walking issues or have had falls before, they can benefit from a fall prevention program. Senior care facilities offer fall prevention programs, that can help identify the risk factors. These facilities are also designed in such a way that the space is safe and secure.

Cognitive and Behavioral Changes- As an adult age, some seniors may face a serious decline in memory and cognition, which can cause disorientation and confusion. This disorientation and confusion can be a form of dementia and not just normal aging; therefore, it is important to get checked. And if you notice that they have become more paranoid or increased anger, there may be additional signs of personality and behavioral changes.

Worsening Hygiene and Unkempt Living Space- If you notice a decline in hygiene and appearance, such as dirty clothes, unkempt hair, or body odor, it could be an indication that your parents are unable to take care of themselves and each other. When you visit them, examine your parent’s living space, and if you notice that there is increasing dirt or falling into despair, get help right away. There are possibilities of moving them together in a care home, so search for one.