Safe Winter Checklist Guide for Older Adults

Senior Living Facilities in Bellingham, WA

With winter season on the doors, there comes a lot of winter problems be it in the matters of your health or home. Talking in the context of seniors, winter days bring unique health risks for the aged ones. Meanwhile, what you can do is prepare yourself for the coming chills of the cold days and know what things can be done while being safe at your home or in a senior living facility in Bellingham WA.

  1. Have Your Chimney Cleaned
    Chimney cleaning might not have been one of those details, but forgetting to clear out your chimney can have serious consequences. Chimneys when not cleaned often can cause a serious issue like a house fire. According to studies, every year thousands of houses catch fire reason being the creosote build up inside the chimney. It is the increased amount of toxic chemicals that the creosote release which makes your health sick and you are more in a deadly situation because of the carbon monoxide.
  2. Go Through Your Closet
    Keeping yourself warm is the need of the hour especially when age is crucial. To make sure your senior ones are safe and warm this winter, don’t forget to have a look around their closet and check if their clothes don’t consist of moth holes that have reduced the ability to sustain the warmth from the fabric. Check items you have been neglecting for several months and, make sure they’re in good condition.
  3. Test Smoke Detectors
    Though testing smoke detectors and making your security checks apt is a good idea, the importance of testing detectors increases in the cold months. When the use of potential hazards and room heaters rises, the chances of catching fire in the house also processes. In order to avoid the situation, go through your home and check all the smoke detectors if they are working fine or not.
  4. Stock Up On Pantry Items
    Since it’s going ti be cold outside, it is always good to stock up on pantry items. Once you have everything inside your place, it doesn’t matter if it’s a huge power cut in the area or the roads have been blocked by the snow. Meanwhile, when you accumulate food inside your place, be sure of having a selection of healthy canned goods and other needful items. For seniors, canned beans are a great source of protein, while fish such as tuna, sardines, and mackerel can help you stay warm amidst the chilly nights.

Tackle Your Winter Checklist

While you are taking the privilege of assisted living services in Bellingham WA, it doesn’t mean you will entirely rely upon the assistance. When you have your hands and legs working, the idea of additional assistance should be kept aside as it will only make you lazy. Being prepared ahead of time is always good and when you are living independently, it is essential to also face the winter chills freely as well.