Best Hobbies for Seniors In Assisted Living Facilities Fairhaven WA

Best Hobbies For Seniors in Assisted Living Facilities Fairhaven, WA

There are many activities that the seniors can engage in in an Assisted Living Facility Fairhaven, WA. They also offer various programs for the seniors to sign up and try out new things. Along with this, if they are interested, they can also take up new hobbies and make the stay more worth-while. Whether the residents are interested in books, art, food, or movies, they can find something or the other to do in the community. Some seniors may also be interested in woodworking, fitness, animals, or volunteering, and whatever it is that they are interested in, the community will find ways to provide it as they believe that staying active and pursuing their passion will improve their quality of life. Here are some of the enriching hobbies that the residents in Assisted Living Facilities Fairhaven WA can enjoy.

Knitting- Knitting is considered to be soothing and relaxing, and a lot of people enjoy taking it up as a hobby. Even if one has never tried knitting before, they do not have to worry as there will be other residents who love this activity, as they can learn it from the other residents or even the caregivers. When two or more residents enjoy this activity, it can also spark a true friendship between them because of their shared interests.

Walking or Hiking- Some seniors enjoy going walking or sort hikes without putting too much stress on their bodies. Yes, a resident’s daily activity can include going for short walks, but they can also take up walking as a hobby. Every day or every other day, they can set a goal and try to reach it. This activity will be more fun if there are other seniors interested in going for walks so that they can achieve milestones together. It is also a great way to stay active and keep the body in good shape.

Writing or Photography- A lot of people love reading and writing, and it is a popular activity that the residents engage in. Another leisure activity that the seniors can take up is photography; perhaps nature photography will be blissful. Both these activities encourage the residents to be more creative and find beauty in small little things. The residents can also form writing clubs or photography clubs, share their work, and have discussions about it. They can also display their work or publish them.

Art- Art therapy is known to have a positive impact on seniors with memory-related illnesses. And art is also something that a lot of seniors have fun engaging in. Whether they enjoy painting, calligraphy, illustrating, or sculptor making, and it is definitely a good idea to take it up as a hobby. As aging seniors with mobility issues, it also improves your cognitive abilities and improves the function of your muscles as you will have to make strokes as you paint or write. The residents can turn a space into an art studio, display their art in the community or even donate them to charity for a greater cause.

Exercising- Exercising is something that the residents have to engage in every day to keep their bodies in shape and improve their quality of life. But it will also serve as an additional benefit if they take it up as a hobby. It could be swimming, going to the gym, light cardio, yoga, pilates, and others. Since in most of the facilities, there will be a space for exercising whether it is indoors or outdoor, they will have plenty of space to exercise. A great way to stay motivated while exercising is to do it together with friends and the other residents.